One rodent sighting often means many more are nearby as rodents breed rapidly, leading to increased risk of disease and property damage. At Pest Guru, our licensed and experienced technicians offer year-round and seasonal pest protection services that are safe and environmentally friendly. We stand by our work and guarantee results – if pests persist after a service, we will return for free until the issue is resolved.

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Do you know that?

Rodents are skilled at chewing and can easily gnaw through barriers using their powerful front teeth. The word “rodent” comes from the French word “rodere,” which translates to “to gnaw.”

At Pest Guru, we know how hard it can be to maintain a rodent-free area. That’s why we offer exclusive pricing and treatments to help you get rid of your rodent problem.

Rats and mice are the two most common rodents. Mice tend to be smaller, around 3 inches long, while common rats tend to be around 6 inches long. Rats and mice can infest a building at any time, but they’re particularly prevalent during late summer and early fall.

What causes a rodent problem?

Rodents typically look for a warm place to find food, usually sneaking through small cracks around the perimeter of a building. Mice and rats are able to squeeze through gaps as small as 1/4 of an inch! With a sharp sense of smell and an ability to detect shifts in air pressure, these rodents are experts at sneaking into residential and commercial spaces.

Why are rodents dangerous?

Notoriously dirty, their fluids, waste and nesting material contain many human-transmittable diseases. Beyond uncleanliness and health concerns, rodents’ teeth never stop growing. In addition to chewing on food, they might eat away at furniture, carpets, boxes, bags and even electrical wiring.

They also are prolific at reproducing, so a small rodent problem can be a major one really quickly.

Where do I find rodents?

Rodents typically live outside. But, in the fall and winter, rats and mice typically migrate indoors to find warmth and food. Outside, rodents typically prefer dense vegetation, fallen trees, tall grass, tree stumps and wood piles. Inside, rats and mice tend to gravitate toward attics, basements and crawlspaces.

Rats and mice like to be close to their food source as well. Mice will only travel up to 50 feet from their nest to food while rats will travel up to 100 feet from their nest.

How can Pest Guru solve my rodent problem? 

Pest Guru specialists will first do an evaluation of the property, inspecting interiors and exteriors for food sources and access points.

Then comes baiting and trapping. Repellent packets are thrown in the attic to get rid of any living rodents. Next, the indoor bait stations are placed throughout the property where most activity happens. The bait station is designed to attract only rodents.

Rodents eat the bait inside the station because they will be attracted to the smell of it. After the rodent eats the bait, they will get thirsty for water. The rodent will leave the property looking for water because that is the only place rodents can access water. As the rodent arrives at the water source, it will die of dehydration.

Next, a minimum of two outdoor bait stations are placed outside the house along opposite sides of each other. The outdoor bait stations work to protect the home from rodents by stopping them outside.

After one week, we come back to check on the inside and outside bait stations. If there is no activity inside, then we will seal up any entry points the mice might have found to get inside the home. 


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