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Pest invasions can be a major problem for people and the residence itself. These serious threats can carry dangerous diseases. It’s important to protect your family with pest control professionals. Our dedicated team has dozens of years of experience in treating a variety of pest issues in Chicago.

Get peace of mind today!

Regular Or Ongoing Service Options

Whether you need help for one day or an ongoing basis, we have solutions for you.
That includes:

One-time payment programs

Pay one time
Our services are guaranteed! We will show up as many times as it takes to solve the problem.

Twice-a-year programs

For special needs, such as summer houses or seasonal events
Two preventative treatment visits are given and scheduled whenever you like

Quarterly programs

Quarterly, pest-only program: Our licensed professionals will spray in and outside your home or business once every three months. This program includes all pests except for bed bugs, roaches and fleas. Quarterly, pest and rodent program: Our professionals will remove all bugs and rodents except bed bugs, roaches and fleas.

For all quarterly programs:

We are exclusively on-call at any time—free of any extra charges! (That excludes bed bugs, roaches and fleas and rodents if applicable
No cancellation fee—feel free to quit any time! (However, once you quit, you cannot reapply for the same quarterly program.)
Our fast-acting team is ready to act on any problem you might have.

Safe, Eco-friendly and High-quality Programs

Fast response times

Unlike big companies, our family-owned business is ready to hop on any problem you have—even on the weekends.

Quality over quantity

We don’t just manage the problem—we solve it. Our teams use the best products to ensure your pest problems go away for good. Read more about our money-backed guarantee.

Eco-friendly products

Safety is top of mind for our trained-technicians. Our quality solutions are EPA-certified low-risk to the environment and friendly to people and pets.

Family-focused service

Pest invasions are stressful times. Our family-owned business cares about these challenges: We’ll do everything in our power to make sure you have a good experience as we provide your home pest solutions.


Scheduling An Appointment

Book an appointment or get in touch with us & we'll find the best solution for you. We guarantee smart, safe, and effective pest control solutions for your family.

Our Inspection Process

When our certified professionals arrive, they’ll do a thorough inspection of the inside and outside of the building. The professional will look for any causes and areas that pests appear to have infected. Our trained professionals will also search for any other places that may become infected by the unwanted intruder in the future.

Internal inspection

Food and water sources
Moisture issues, such as leaking pipes
Sanitation issues
Physical damage
Pest droppings
Humid conditions

External inspection

Bushes or tree limbs touching the building
Outdoor lighting
Cracks, gaps and holes in foundations, siding and windows
Any other openings

Results and treatment

After the Pest Guru specialist has inspected the property, we’ll provide a detailed report for you. That includes discussing the problems with you and offering the right and most-effective treatments to manage the pest infestation. We’ll also walk you through our step-by-step process of pest removal and the best tips to prevent any future unwanted intruders.

The best part? Our specialist will have all the necessary tools to immediately solve the problem on the spot! After our visit, you can rest assured that our treatments will leave you and your loved ones secure and pest-free.

Do you have an Emergency?

Whether it's your business or home, pest control is always important. Fortunately, getting rid of pests has never been easier. With our expert technician, you can be free from all kinds of pests that may be hidden in your property. Get in touch today!

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