Cockroaches can be detrimental to household items as they feed on various materials, including wallpaper, letters, drapes, clothing, and furniture. Although minor at first, severe cockroach infestations can lead to significant visible damage. Furthermore, their activities can contaminate several food products, causing additional issues.

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Do you know that?

Cockroaches can emit an allergen that is known to cause asthma attacks, especially in children.

Few things make the skin crawl quite like seeing a cockroach. Reddish-brown in color, cockroaches can be anywhere from three-quarters of an inch to 3 inches long.

Are cockroaches dangerous?

Yes. They can spread diseases like e.coli and salmonella and contaminate food, making people very sick. They can also trigger allergic reactions.

Cockroaches can also destroy fabric and paper products.

What causes a cockroach problem?

One of the biggest misconceptions is that cockroaches are in a home or business because it’s dirty. Rather, cockroaches are always looking for food and water. Cockroaches have a great ability to find food and moisture, crawling through small holes and cracks, including around doors and windows.

Where do you find cockroaches?

Most cockroaches like indoor spaces that are humid, including behind appliances, in drawers, under cabinets and around pipes and drains. Outside, cockroaches like compost piles, mulch, garden beds, dumpsters and sewers.

How can Pest Guru solve my spider problem?

We start by making sure there are no leaks or damp environments. We then make sure tenants clean up any food debris that may be left exposed in the unit. Next, when we have a clean environment, we spray all the baseboards with a special liquid residual mix that the EPA labels low-risk, meaning it’s safe for kids, pets and all beings that are not insects.

After spraying, we use a special tool to get a solution mist deeply inside the wall voids, behind cabinets and all other impossible-to-reach places that a lot of times contain harborage areas. The mist will kill any cockroaches hidden in any of these areas. Lastly, we use glue boards to monitor cockroach traffic. This helps us get to the harborage areas quicker, resulting in faster extermination.

We wait one week and come back to check on the glue traps and also reapply solutions where necessary. When we get to the bottom 10% of the population, we then put down a combination of different gel baits. They will be put in places not visible to people. Common areas will be in kitchens and bathrooms. These baits are designed to attract any living cockroaches and have them eat the bait. This results in the extermination of the cockroaches. 

With these steps in place, we monitor and reapply baits and any previously stated treatments until we see no additional activity. From the time we see no additional activity, there is a two-month warranty for the work. 

**Failure to strictly comply with the first two steps throughout the program may cause the program to not be effective overall. A total of three treatments will be done before a program is put on hold because of the criteria not being met. We will give two weeks’ time while the customer meets the standard that is required. If the space is not clean, the program can be paused for longer if the customer needs more time or the program can at that point be terminated due to the customer’s inability to comply with the program’s standards. 


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