Bartlett Pest Control

Pest Guru is a specialized and locally trusted extermination expert. Our company’s commercial and residential services provide an exceptionally wide range of pest control and extermination services throughout DuPage, Cook and Kane counties, including in Bartlett.

Why does it matter that we’re familiar with Bartlett? Because we have years and years of experience in getting rid of the bugs and rodents that most often plague this community, especially given its proximity to wooded areas. From the rolling greens of Villa Olivia to the West Branch Forrest preserve, our trusted, local team at Pest Guru has your back.

We know how to get rid of the most common intruders, including wasps, ants and spiders. And those insects can be major problems: Carpenter ants, for instance, can cause major structural damage to properties and contaminate food sources. Spiders and bees cause their own problems—from dangerous spider bites to painful wasp stings.

Our programs can help! Pest Guru field service specialists are officially licensed by the state of Illinois and work with the help of our associate-certified entomologists. Pest Guru specializes in various eco-friendly methods—that are safe for humans and pets—that eliminate common destructive insects.

To ensure your ultimate level of satisfaction, Pest Guru employees will always allow you to remain present on-site during each service session. Pest Guru’s reputation for outstanding customer service and customer relations is well-known in Bartlett. Our services are highly acclaimed by residential clients and business owners alike.

Call us today for a free quote, and we’ll be at your home or business in Bartlett in no time!

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